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Opportunity for Overseas Mechanics – Five Needed In South Australia

We have an employer in South Australia who is willing to sponsor up to 5 mechanics to work with agricultural machinery.

Here is an extract from the Employer Enquiry made on our website.


Industry type    Ag Machinery
What Worker Skill Category are you interested in?    Diesel Mechanics
How many workers are you wanting to sponsor right now?    5
Are you looking for male or female worker?    male
What is the target age range?    30-40
What is minimum years are you looking to sponsor worker?    4
What State or Territory would the worker be employed in?    South Australia
Are you currently an approved sponsor?    yes

If you are a mechanic that meets this job description – APPLY NOW. Just go to our  CONTACT US page and submit your enquiry stating that you are are a mechanic and you meet this job description.

Also – Post a reply comment to this blog post and give us your email address to follow up with you.

If you are a worker needing an employer to sponsor you, then keep checking our TAG and CATEGORY on this blog for “Employer Seeking Worker” and see what we post up there.

If you are an employer seeking a worker to sponsor – keep your eye on our posts under the TAG and CATEGORY – “Worker seeking Employer Sponsor”.

We have a Match Making Service to try and match up the right employer with the right worker.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and Successful 2012.


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Labor Shortages in Australia and Temporary Work Visas 2012

Due to the game of politics over skilled migration and population growth and the start of substantial retirement of the baby boomers born between 1945 and 1960, Australia is heading towards serious skills shortages over the coming decade. As the penny eventually drops the politicians and the public will come to realize that their whole future over the next few decades will be tied to migration. Australia must increase its net migration over the next decade if it is going to avoid serious skills shortages across a range of occupations.

Skill shortage stresses are already happening in major capital cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

So stay tuned for more news to update you about government policy relating to temporary 457 visas if you are interested to work in Australia and don’t immediately quality for permanent residence.


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Immigration officials cancel 159 student visas after airport interviews


MORE than 150 overseas students returning to Australia in the last financial year were intercepted by immigration authorities at the airport over visa breaches and put on a plane home within 72 hours.

Indians were the largest group (55) with student visas cancelled at the airport, followed by Chinese (37). And of the 470,221 people who arrived on a student visa, almost 9000 were questioned by immigration officials.

The figures were released by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship following an application by the HES under Freedom of Information legislation.

In 2010-11, the most common breach leading to cancellation of a student visa at the airport was failure to maintain an enrolment or no longer attending classes. Of the 159 with visas cancelled, 151 were sent home within 72 hours. Most had vocational education visas (84) or higher education visas (66).

Migration agent Jonathan Granger said although 159 cancellations was a small number, DIAC’s message would be quickly and widely spread through social media used by students.

However, Federation of Indian Students of Australia spokesman Gautam Gupta said the airport crackdowns were “perceived to be retribution because students protested” against attacks on Indian students in 2009.

Monash University’s Chris Nyland, who has written about the plight of international students, said students planning to go overseas should be able to get a document from their institution showing there were no problems of the kind that could get their visa cancelled. “It would say you have permission to leave and you are in good standing at the university,” he said.

Mr Granger described the interceptions as part of “a cat and mouse game” between DIAC and offshore agents.

A few years ago, when cookery and hairdressing were easy routes to permanent residency, Indian agents packaged these vocational courses with higher education, making it easier to secure a visa. However, there was never any intention to go on to the higher education course and some of these students were believed to be among those caught at airports, he said.

If they were allowed back in the country, they could get bridging visas with full work rights and pursue skilled migration, adding to DIAC’s backlog.

In February, when the HES reported the airport crack-down, immigration lawyer Michael Jones said students had no right to independent review of a visa cancellation unless they could get back into the country. He said appeals against visa cancellations had a high success rate because private colleges often had unreliable records.

“How is the student supposed to prove that [kind of objection to a cancellation] in the 10 minutes the student is given at the airport?” he said.

However, a DIAC official said: “Visa cancellations at the border are conducted under strict natural justice rules. Officers will weigh all relevant factors for and against the cancellation.”

Mr Gupta said a student stepping off a long flight, with no legal representation and sometimes poor English, could not get natural justice in a short interview.


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Subclass 457 visa program – May 2011 statistics – 5 July 2011

The department has released the latest statistics for the subclass 457 visa program. The information shows that visa applications for the subclass 457 visa program continue to grow as the economy maintains low unemployment. The May 2011 visa application figures are the highest since November 2008. The total number of primary 457 visa holders in Australia at the end of May was 72  270.

Skilled Migrant Selection Model – 10 May 2011

Greater control on the people who migrate to Australia independently and a bigger push toward employer sponsorship. On 10 May 2011, as part of the 2011–12 budget allocation for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Minister Chris Bowen MP announced that funding has been allocated to assist with the development of a new Skilled Migrant Selection Model (the Model).

It is proposed that the Model will be a two stage process whereby potential applicants first register their claims for skilled migration through an online Expression of Interest (EOI), and subsequently may be invited to make an application for a visa. This is a significant change from the current situation, as applicants for independent or state/territory sponsored migration will require an invitation to lodge a visa application.  The Model will ensure a match between the number of applicants and the number of available program places and consequently, the selection of the best and brightest migrants as well as streamlined processing times.
See: Proposed Skilled Migrant Selection Register (SkillSelect)

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE; IF YOU NEED HELP – just send us your enquiry and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


Update on Skilled Migration to Australia

When considering seeking a skilled migration visa to Australia, the first thing you should do is visit the Department of Immigration website and review the current Skilled Occupation List. It currently lists about 192 occupations for skilled migrants interested in coming to work here on permanent or temporary visas.

If your skill does not appear on that list then unless you have an employer willing to sponsor you, your application will have little chance of success.

The government has allocated just 44,350 places for skilled migration for the next year commencing 1 July 2011. So you can see that it will be quite competitive.

This is equally relevant to any wishing to be granted a 457 temporary work visa.

The list of skill shortages is put together by Skills Australia, and DEEWR (Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations) publishes on its website the jobs that it considers are most in demand. You should visit their websites and do some research re your own skills set and qualifications before you lodge your enquiry to us via our website.

If you your occupation and skills are listed on the Skilled Occupation List and also shown to be in demand – then you are the perfect candidate for a working visa to Australia and you will get the green light provided that there is nothing going against you like a criminal record or a prior visa rejection or cancellation.

We look forward to being of assistance to you.

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