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Students And VISA Fraud

The Australian Government is being forced to take swift action to safeguard the lucrative  15.5 billion dollar education industry aimed at enticing foreign students to study in Australia with a view to gaining a qualification that will allow them to apply for permanent residence status. It is now a multi-million dollar industry and a lot is at stake if the government fails to address the three main issues of fraud, poor standards standards and overcharging by many of the colleges that have sprung up all over the place offering a wide range of courses and qualifications to overseas students in order to cash in on this market.

The Government is introducing stricter screening to scrutinize the ability of students to finance their livelihood in Australia once they arrive here. Students from certain countries like India, Mauritius, Brazil, Zimbabwe and Pakistan will be subject to this higher level screening of their applications. They will need to take part in face to face interviews and will no longer be able to rely 100% on online visa applications.

Genuine international students remain welcome. The Government wants genuine students to come to Australia but will not tolerate visa fraud. There must be a legitimate intention to study.

The Government will also be looking to weed out unscrupulous migrant agents that are abusing the e-Visa system using false documents.

Over the last few months Australia has attracted wide publicity over its treatment of certain foreign students and there have been complaints of some students being attacked, living in poverty and being exploited by dodgy education agents and migration agents who have taken their money simply to place them in low standard and illegitimate education institutions promising qualifications they cannot deliver or which will never be accepted as sufficient to support an application for permanent residence status after the student has completed his or her studies.

Under the new government rules prospective students will have to have $12,000 in the bank for living costs for each year of their study in addition to course fees.

Australia’s largest student market is China and the tougher rules are already being applied to students from China.

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