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Better Deal for Skilled Migrants to Australia

Here is what was reported in the Weekend Australian Financial Review today –

Skilled migrants already working in Australia on temporary work visas (457 visas) will soon find it easier to gain permanent residency (PR) under changes announced by the Minister for Immigration

Holders of 457 visas will not have to resit tests to assess their trade or skills or their English language skills to gain their PR.

PR will be gained either via the Employer Nomination Scheme or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS).

Permanent employer sponsored visa places account for 39% of the total skilled migration program for 2011-12.  The RSMS program allows Australian employers to sponsor workers for PR to fill skilled full time job vacancies in their businesses.

Businesses across the economy are still experiencing skill shortages in key occupations, especially those in demand by sectors such as engineering and the skilled trades.

If you have a skill that is currently in short supply in Australia, this is a good time to apply for a work visa.

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High Qualified Welfare Worker Seeking Australian Employer Sponsor

If you are an Australian Employer or local recruitment agency looking for a highly qualified and highly motivated welfare worker with depth of experience and finding it hard to find the right person locally – why not consider the following candidate. We are not seeking any introduction fee. If you are interested please email us from our website and we are happy to make a direct introduction to this candidate.

Mr RR 2012





Highly accomplished young professional with a proven ability to deliver high-quality human services and excellent care and support. With a Diploma of Community Welfare, key skills in working successfully with individuals, families or groups, and a capacity to deal with cultural diversity and to effectively communicate with people of different ages and backgrounds in the workplace, I have been recognised throughout my career for my leadership, focus, accuracy in performing my jobs and for my proven abilities to deliver high-quality results within the following areas:



  • Problem Solving
  • OH&S
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Relationship Management
  • Attention to Detail
  • Communication
  • Reliability & Responsibility
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Customer Service
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Quality Assurance






  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with a capacity to deal with cultural diversity  and communicate effectively with people of different ages and backgrounds in the workplace
  • Ability to multi task under pressure and effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously while employing solid organisational, coordination and problem solving strengths
  • Honest, eager individual with a genuine passion for achieving goals for self and others
  • Proven ability to take initiative in completing projects with exceptional quality and attention to detail
  • A passion for providing excellent customer service, integrity and teamwork with a focus on the achievement of consistently outstanding results
  • Highly Proficient in Computer Operations including:
    • MS Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PABX Management System, Java


  • Positive Notice No. 25426        
  • Disability Services positive Notice Card. 2008-21012-1





Serco Immigration Services: NT, Australia                                                                                                                                June 2011 – Present

Client Support Worker


Responsibilities & Achievements:

  • Attend briefings held by the Senior Operations Manager before the start of every shift:
    • Recognised for strong attention to detail and organisational skills to ensure tasks are completed to the highest quality standard within the set deadlines
  • Ensure clients’ needs are fulfilled according to the policies and procedures of the company
  • Developing a caring and nurturing environment
  • Encourage involvement in activities e.g. Swimming, Fitness, Painting, and excursions
  • Organise, motivate and inspire clients to reach their full potential
  • Strong work ethic with excellent interpersonal, customer service and communication skills – Gained knowledge and experience with different cultures and demonstrated empathy towards the clients
  • Motivate clients in developing a positive attitude and ensure they eat properly whilst in Detention
  • Preparing documents and writing review reports as required

Department of Health and Families: NT, Australia                                                                                                           April 2011 – May 2011

Specialist Support Worker


Responsibilities & Achievements:

  • Assisted the Program Manager and Deputy Manager in managing a residential home for adults with learning difficulties
  • Promoted a stimulating, caring and culturally appropriate environment for the Service Users
  • Worked closely with clients and their families in adhering to strict programmes, plans and regulations
  • Acted in a management role in the absence of the Program Manager and Deputy Manager
  • Prepared, wrote and reviewed detailed client reports
  • Involved in reviewing meetings concerning clients and their families
  • Established and implemented personal care plans for Service Users
  • Helped with leisure interests and skill development inside and outside the home including:
    • Household and domestic duties (washing, cleaning, cooking etc.)
  • Assisted with day care activities and provided support and attention
  • Communicated with other staff about needs/activities
  • Carried out supervision of junior staff as directed by the Program Manager
  • Maintained confidentiality, privacy and dignity of clients at all times
  • Followed policies and procedures including OH&S
  • Proven track record of promoting an atmosphere of teamwork


Centra Care Trinity Support Services: QLD, Australia                                                                                      November 2008 – April 2011

Team leader & Community Support Worker


Responsibilities & Achievements:

  • Established and maintained an effective relationships with a range of stakeholders, including:
    • Representatives of ethnic community organisations, religious organisations, state and local government, on-government service providers, police and other relevant stakeholders
  • Provided administrative support such as answering telephones, assisting visitors and resolving a range of administrative problems and inquiries
  • Prepared activities according to the needs of the clients on school holidays as well as on a weekly basis
  • Followed, maintained and implemented Occupational Health and Safety guidelines
  • Maintained confidentiality, privacy and dignity of clients at all times
  • Demonstrated empathy towards clients
  • Acknowledged for time management skills that allowed for the multi-tasking of all responsibilities
  • Ability to motivate, lead and work long hours while handling multiple tasks and performing additional duties
  • Supported assigned tasks and projects
  • Provided training and development to junior staff and ensured that they adhered to company policies and regulations


Martina Watkins: QLD, Australia                                                                                                                               January 2008 – February 2009

Disability Support Worker


Responsibilities & Achievements:

  • Followed Occupational Health and Safety policies and guidelines
  • Communicated and documented changes in client status / needs
  • Followed policies and procedures
  • Maintained good time management and organisational skills
  • Delivered direct care support
  • Provided training and development to staff


RSL Care: QLD, Australia                                                                                                                                                           August 2008 – April 2009

Personal Care, Domestic Assistant & Social Support

  • Assisted clients with personal care (e.g. showering; toileting) as per individual support plans
  • Followed prescribed handling and management
  • Provided meal support and implemented prescribed meal time management
  • Respected and encouraged choice and individual needs of all clients
  • Followed Occupational Health and Safety guidelines
  • Helped clients with their shopping on a weekly basis
  • Organsied and maintained client homes according to the occupational safety guidelines
  • Worked directly with clients on a daily basis including preparing activities to keep them active e.g. Movie, Coffee or excursions
  • Followed policies and procedures
  • Supported operations to ensure efficiency and productivity
  • Maintained confidentiality, privacy and dignity of clients at all times


In 2 Nursing: QLD, Australia                                                                                                                               September 2008 – December 2008

Assistant in Nurse

  • Prepared mobile table for patients in bed:
    • Safe positioning of patients to receive meals in bed or on a chair
    • Fed patients who were unable to do so for themselves under the direction of the RN
  • Assisted patient with showering, bathing and bed washes
  • Helped patient with oral hygiene, brushing teeth, and cleaning of dentures
  • Assisted with dressing and grooming of patients:
    • Facial shaves of male patients (exclusion: all pre-operative shaving)
  • Assisted nurses with patient transfers and manual handling
  • Followed nursing policies and procedures
  • Maintained confidentiality, privacy and dignity of patients at all times
  • Proactive and positive team player recognised for performing all duties on time and of the highest quality
  • Demonstrated the ability to lead by example





  • Diploma of Community Welfare(2009)
    • Brisbane North Institute of TAFE


  • Advance Upper Mediate in English Language(2008)
    • Brisbane North Institute of TAFE


  • Secondary Education
    • Asia English High School, India


Training & Workshops

  • Customer Care
  • Fire and Safety
  • Manual Handling, Senior First Aid and CPR
  • Food Hygiene and handling
  • Work place health and safety
  • Autism





In today’s Australian Financial Review the Heading on p. 4 is JOBS, PAY SET TO SOAR IN NEW YEAR.

What are the hot high demand jobs for 2011?

Here they are –

* Engineers

* Project Managers

* Construction Workers

* Technology Experts

* Sales Managers

* Financial Services


The article said that there is a WAR FOR TALENT going on, and those with the right skills are being snapped up.

If your skills fit any of these high demand occupations let us know and we can help you get the fast track green light for a visa.


Sponsored Workers Get More Protection

Here is some interesting breaking news.

The Australian Government has recently brought in some new laws to give more protection to overseas workers being sponsored under temporary work visas by Australian Employers.

The new laws, being made under the Migration Legislation Amendment (Worker Protection) Act 2008, will commence on 14 September.

The changes will include –

  • A stronger definition of sponsorship obligations of Australian Employers;
  • Permit information sharing  between government agencies;
  • Expand the power of the Department of Immigration to monitor and investigate possible non-compliance of Australian Employers with worker protection laws;
  • Civil Penalties for Australian Employers who are found to be in breach of their sponsorship obligations.

What does this mean for migration agents?

It means that any agent who does not ensure that he or she has a sound understanding of the new legal and regulatory changes will not be able to properly advise and explain to a worker or employer client what the sponsorship obligations cover and how the new monitoring regime will work. Employers wishing to sponsor skilled overseas workers MUST be on top of the new laws.

Once again – all this goes to show that it is more important than ever to only use the services of very experienced and skilled migration visa agents.

We are ready to serve and protect your best interests – whether you be an employer wishing to sponsor or a worker looking to be sponsored by an Australian Employer.