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The annual intake of migrants is now a very hot political issue in Australia. The intake went as high as 300,000 and has now fallen to 240,000 and will fall to 145,000 in 2011-2012.

There is a national debate going on right now about the sustainability of population growth in Australia. The government has just appointed its first Population Minister.

The recent May Federal Budget froze the overall permanent migration intake at 168,700.

However there was in INCREASE in SKILLED MIGRATION intake of 5750.

Right now the key to successful and fast tracked migration to Australia is the new high demand list published by the government for skilled occupations. See our earlier blog post on this.

Australian Visa Experts has the expertise and experience to assess your chances of success quickly and if you qualify to get your visa application lodged with minimum delay. If you don’t yet qualify for permanent visa we can assist you to find an employer sponsor to sponsor you on a temporary visa until such time as you qualify for a permanent visa.

The government is tightening up its laws, regulations and policies around migration, so if you truly wish to live and work in this beautiful country you had best move quickly.

We are on standby ready to assist you realize your dreams.

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Welcome to Australian Visa Experts Blog

Welcome to our blog.

Let me start off my outlining the intentions of this blog.

We will be using this blog to keep you updated about what is happening with Migration government policy as it relates to the visa types that we specialize in – Business Visas, Skilled Migrant Visas, Sponsored temporary visas and Student Visas. Law and Policy is constantly changing as the Government grapples with a very complex economic situation and political demands and lobbying from both business and from unions who represent the interests of workers, many of whom are now losing their jobs.

In the pages of our website you will find a lot of general information the different visas that we are able to assist you with – but it would be impossible for us to keep you fully up to date in those web pages unless we were updating those pages every week. It is just not possible to have our web technicians constantly changing the main pages to include the latest changes or policy updates. SO WE WILL DO THIS ON THE BLOG.

Once you become a client of ours we will be advising you to keep reviewing our blog to stay up to date. If you are not yet our client but are thinking about seeking our assistance to see if you qualify for a visa and then to have us take care of the visa application for you – you can also use this Blog to keep up to date with what is happening with australian migration and visa law and policy.

Things have changed quite a bit since just 6 months ago when the government was publicly announcing that it was throwing its doors wide open to new migrants and encouraging overseas students to come here to study and then apply for permanent residence if they had obtained a skill that Australia needed.

Now Australia, like most other countries, is experiencing a Recession and thousands of local workers are losing their jobs. This has led the government to move to RESTRICT grants of temporary working visas and permanent skilled migrant visas to just those whose skills remain in short supply in Australian and hence are still in high demand.

In the current situation it is more important than ever for anyone wishing to come to Australian to work and/or wishing to migrate here to use the services of a highly skilled migration agent. The chances of self-prepared applications or ones prepared by less experienced agents being rejected by the Department of Immigration is higher than it was before. They are reviewing all applications very carefully to make sure that only the strongest applications are accepted and approved.

Finally, we wish to let you know that we will be regularly publishing interesting and informative ARTICLES about Australia, Australian Culture , places of interest, local events and of course on various aspects of Migration policy that we think that may be appealing to you. The purpose of this is to help you know more about Australia and what you might expect when you arrive here.

PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO LEAVE COMMENTS TO OUR VARIOUS BLOG POSTS. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO THIS. We would love to hear your views and particularly we want you tell us what further information you would like us to publish on our blog to keep you well informed.

So again, we welcome you to this Blog and we hope we can be of service to you.