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Regulation Of Migration Agents

Just recently the Australian Government took over the job of regulating all migration agents from the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA). Agents are regulated under the Migration Act and the Migration Regulations. The Act and the Regulations are said to be so long and complex that they are almost as bad as the Tax Act.

Lawyers who want to assist people to obtain a visa must also be registered as a migration agent. Lawyers are already heavily regulated under the Legal Profession Acts and some complain that the dual regulation that they are exposed to if they want to give “immigration assistance” and not just “immigration legal assistance” is just too burdensome.

About two thirds of migration agents are NOT legally qualified, and so whenever they need to get legal advice for a client they must retain the services of a lawyer for their client.

It makes sense to use a service that has under the one roof expertise in both migration visa practice, procedure and policy AND in immigration law.

Australian Visa Experts has it all under one roof.

Don’t fool around with unqualified or unscrupulous agents. Go for quality and experience and don’t just base your decision on who is offering you the cheapest price.

There are two types of “bad migration agent” – the one that rips you off mercilessly and leads you up the garden path and the one that is trying to get your business solely by bidding on price. Don’t fall for it. Go for quality and experience AND a fair and reasonable price every time. Every time you get knocked back by the Department of Immigration it gets harder to get through the second time. It is best to get it right the first time.

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