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A recent headline in the Sydney Morning Herald read DOCTORS FLOCK TO AUSTRALIA FOR JOBS.

There were similar ones about  nurses and engineers.

The article pointed out that more doctors, nurses and engineers are migrating to Australia now than hairdressers and cooks.

Times are changing and the skills shortage priorities are changing. What was the big shortage a few years ago is now no longer the main shortage.

The Australian Government is favoring applications from people who have the skills that Australia needs right now the most.

In last 12 months the number of visas issued for hairdressers fell 64% and 53% for cooks; whilst visas for doctors more than doubled.

Approvals for nurses, engineers, high school teachers and welders also rose over last year.

The government is overhauling its skilled migrant immigration laws and policy. It is calling for submissions on how a new points test to grade potential migrants should look. It wants the new system to work better in ensuring that only those who have skills that Australia really needs are allowed to get a skilled migrant visa. It is calling them the “highest value applicants”.

It is more critical than ever now that you use the services of a highly skilled migration agent who is totally abreast these changes.