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Australian Business Visas

Business Visas – Your Passport to Opportunity

Australia is often referred to as the ‘land of opportunity’. That is certainly true from the point of view of many Aussies – but if you’re not an Aussie, how do you get your passport stamped for entry?

Have you considered applying for a Business Visa or entering Australia under one of the many skilled migration categories? Would you fulfil the visa requirements for either of these migration streams?

Do you meet each visa requirement for a Business Visa, or have an occupation that fits within the skilled migration categories?

There are a number of sub-categories of business visa and which one you apply for will depend on your needs.  If you simply wish to attend a conference or training course in Australia, then a temporary Business Visa would be suitable. This allows you to travel here for a set purpose and a limited time.

If your desire is to live here permanently and bring your family with you, you can apply for a provisional Business Visa, which can in turn lead to a permanent Business Visa and permanent resident status.

Many people assume that to obtain a Business Visa you must intend to purchase or set up a new business here. This is necessary for some categories but not for all. If you are a business executive and intend to contribute your expertise to a business here – yours or someone else’s – you can apply for a Business Visa. If you’re an investor and you intend to invest your money in Australia, you can apply for a Business Visa.

It is a visa requirement for most visas in this category that you are able to demonstrate a ‘successful business career’ and an intention to either establish or manage a business in Australia. If you’re applying as an investor, then you must have evidence of your experience and success as an investor. There are other requirements for business visas too, relating to the status of your health, your assets, and your English language skills.

If you have an occupational skill or trade there are two streams of entry that may interest you – the General Skilled Migration Programme and the Employer Sponsored category.

The skilled migration categories are extensive, allowing a variety of workers to apply – from those with administration skills and academic expertise to those with a manual trade. If you have any of the many skills that are on the Skilled Occupation List at the Department of Immigration, you’re in with a chance!

To apply under the Employer Sponsored category, you need to find an employer in Australia who requires your skill and is prepared to sponsor you.  To assist you in this endeavour, the Department of Immigration has a skill matching database where you can list your qualifications and experience for potential employers to access.

It is a visa requirement for the skilled migration categories that you have evidence of your skills and qualifications. Like most other visa types, you may be required to provide evidence that you’re in good health and fulfil other general visa requirements.

The application process and paperwork involved in visa applications can seem daunting but take heart – when you finally arrive you’ll realise you have indeed reached the land of opportunity!

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