Opportunity for Overseas Mechanics – Five Needed In South Australia

We have an employer in South Australia who is willing to sponsor up to 5 mechanics to work with agricultural machinery.

Here is an extract from the Employer Enquiry made on our website.


Industry type    Ag Machinery
What Worker Skill Category are you interested in?    Diesel Mechanics
How many workers are you wanting to sponsor right now?    5
Are you looking for male or female worker?    male
What is the target age range?    30-40
What is minimum years are you looking to sponsor worker?    4
What State or Territory would the worker be employed in?    South Australia
Are you currently an approved sponsor?    yes

If you are a mechanic that meets this job description – APPLY NOW. Just go to our  CONTACT US page and submit your enquiry stating that you are are a mechanic and you meet this job description.

Also – Post a reply comment to this blog post and give us your email address to follow up with you.

If you are a worker needing an employer to sponsor you, then keep checking our TAG and CATEGORY on this blog for “Employer Seeking Worker” and see what we post up there.

If you are an employer seeking a worker to sponsor – keep your eye on our posts under the TAG and CATEGORY – “Worker seeking Employer Sponsor”.

We have a Match Making Service to try and match up the right employer with the right worker.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and Successful 2012.


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