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Update on Skilled Migration to Australia

When considering seeking a skilled migration visa to Australia, the first thing you should do is visit the Department of Immigration website and review the current Skilled Occupation List. It currently lists about 192 occupations for skilled migrants interested in coming to work here on permanent or temporary visas.

If your skill does not appear on that list then unless you have an employer willing to sponsor you, your application will have little chance of success.

The government has allocated just 44,350 places for skilled migration for the next year commencing 1 July 2011. So you can see that it will be quite competitive.

This is equally relevant to any wishing to be granted a 457 temporary work visa.

The list of skill shortages is put together by Skills Australia, and DEEWR (Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations) publishes on its website the jobs that it considers are most in demand. You should visit their websites and do some research re your own skills set and qualifications before you lodge your enquiry to us via our website.

If you your occupation and skills are listed on the Skilled Occupation List and also shown to be in demand – then you are the perfect candidate for a working visa to Australia and you will get the green light provided that there is nothing going against you like a criminal record or a prior visa rejection or cancellation.

We look forward to being of assistance to you.

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