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For those of you who may not be following the political debate in Australian, and with a federal election coming up on August 21st, migration is a very hot topic.

The bad news is that both of the main political parties have made it part of their political agenda to cut migration numbers because they believe that the current inflows are not sustainable over the long term.

They are now using the catch-word “sustainable population growth” when talking about the future numbers for migration intake.

However, it is clear that the business sector does not agree with the political view. They see acute labour shortages on the horizon due to an aging population and a low birth rate. They depend on skilled migration to supply their labour needs.

The truth is that the domestic working age population in Australia is shrinking and therefore businesses have no alternative but to look to skilled migration to fill the gap.

In 2009 they granted visas to about 300,000 workers to come to Australia to work. That set the high water benchmark. It will most certainly go down this year and over the next couple of years. It could go as low as 175,000.

The competition for skilled occupation entry into Australia will clearly be getting a lot more intense.

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