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There is a lot of debate going on in Australia about how many migrants to take in each year, and who should be given priority for visas.

The two main political parties are arguing over the issue of how many migrants per year is sustainable in Australia.

Business is very concerned that the intake not be reduced so that they cannot find the skilled workers they need if their demand for certain skills exceeds what is available to them from the local employment market.

There is another issue to – the aging population. In 40 years the project more than 8 million Australians will be aged 65 of more. Right now only 3 million are aged 65 or more. So that is a very big increase and it raises concerns as to how aged care will be financed out of taxation if there are not enough younger people in the work force paying tax.

Most commentators agree that Australia cannot afford not to take in at least 180,000 migrants a year.

So this is good news for potential migrants IF you have the right sort of skills needed by Australia now and into the future.

There is also a much bigger emphasis now on having good English speaking skills.

The indications are that the most favored skills needed now and over next decade will be more white collar than blue collar and will favor professionals in manufacturing and administrative roles.

Demand will continue to strengthen for temporary 457 visas.

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