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Important Changes To Skills Assessment

This applies to GENERALIST OCCUPATIONS in the Skilled Occupations List – that is the occupations in ASCO Managerial, Administrative, Professional and Associate Professional categories.

From 1 January 2010, in order for skilled migrant applicants to receive  a positive skills assessment they will need -

1. To hold a qualification which is assessed at the required educational level in a highly relevant field of study in the normal occupation; and

2. At least one year of relevant employment for all occupations; for some occupations, either one or two additional years of employment is required if the qualification has a shortfall in content relevance.

3. Employment must have been completed in the last 5 years.

These changes are being introduced on 1 January 2010 to ensure that migrants have the relevant skills and qualifications for employment in Australia in the nominated occupations. This will produce more job readiness and prospects of secure employment in the nominated field.

If these changes will apply to you please contact us for more information.


Times are Changing and Expertise Counts More Than Ever

Our website is now attracting close to 500 applications a month (over 100 a week) but over 75% of the people lodging their enquiries to us are getting a quick NO response to their chances of getting a visa to Australia? Why is this?

Here is a list of the main reasons -

1. Lack of suitable qualifications;

2. Lack of solid job track record;

3. Lack of English competency;

4. Job qualifications do not match the occupations that are in high demand right now;

The times have changed since the Global Financial Crisis negatively impacted the Australian job market. The unions and the politicians want to protect the local job market and so it is harder now to get a visa to come and work here unless you have skills that in short supply from the local job market. If you have the skills that are in high demand here and you have a high enough competency in the English Language then you will be fast tracked into the country with a visa – either temporary (sponsored) or permanent (skilled migrant).

Go to the DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) website and search for the Skills Shortages List or Occupations in high Demand and see if your occupation and skills are listed there.

If you are eligible to get a temporary work visa if you can be matched up with a suitable approved employer sponsor then use the FIND A SPONSOR enquiry form when submitting your enquiry to us. We cannot promise to find you sponsorship but we can help you in your search to find a sponsor. We charge a fee for this service.

All of this makes it abundantly clear – if you want to increase your chance of getting into Australia more than ever before you need to use the right migration agent who really understands the current situation here and who is right on top of all the changes in migration law and policy.

There is little point in submitting an enquiry to us if you have not yet checked whether or not you have a skill that is is short supply here or if your level of English will not meet the required standard of competency.

If you have a skill that is in high demand here and you have a sufficient competency in the English language we will quickly tell you whether or not you will qualify for a visa – either permanent or temporary; and if you do satisfy the visa eligibility requirements but need an employer to sponsor you we will conduct a detailed search with all the major recruitment companies to see if we can help you find an employer looking for someone just like you and who is willing to sponsor you.

We are ready to help you live your dream.