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Australian Visa Experts is now open for business for –

  • Visitor Visas
  • Spouse Visas
  • Partner Visas

You will see new pages going up soon on our website covering each of these three new visa types.

Our registered migration agent is highly skilled in these visas and you can expect very quick and fair priced service.

The economy is recovering and there will soon be more demand than supply for certain types of jobs and this will open the door to more migration – so keep an eye on this blog as we will update you on a regular basis.

Watch out for and steer clear of the unscrupulous operators who will fleece your pocket and under deliver in their service to you.

We recognized the need for assistance to help connect skilled workers needing a sponsor with the right employer and our MATCH MAKER SERVICE was born about 3 months ago. We are now working with various high quality recruitment agencies to help us find sponsors for people with the right skills needed here right now. Some employers are getting desperate as they cannot find all the staff they need from the local employment market – so our Matchmaker service is the perfect answer to this.

Stay tuned,

Australian Visa Experts