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Students Can Apply For a Subclass 856 Visa

Overseas students, who complete a diploma or higher qualification in Australia can apply for a Subclass 856 (Employer Nomination) visa.

Such applications get the highest priority in processing so they are a very attractive alternative to applying for General Skilled Migration.

Of crucial significance to Subclass 856 visa applications by overseas students is the policy provision that overseas students with occupations on the Migration Occupations in Demand List may be eligible for a waiver of the 3 year work experience requirement .

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Skilled Migration Visas

Skilled Migrant Work Visas

If you’re looking for a better life, one with plenty of financial opportunity and an enviable lifestyle to boot, moving permanently to Australia could hold for you the future you are seeking. Immigration in Australia is still strong, with many new Australians relocating here each year. There are many ways to gain an Australian work visa, some are more difficult than others. If you have good English skills and eligible work qualifications you may be able to attain a skilled Migrant work visa.

Immigration in Australia is competitive. There are often far more applicants than placements available. To find the best candidates, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship have what they refer to as the points system to distribute the Australian work visa. A criterion is used to assess your language skills and professional ability, like the other classes of the Australian work visa. Before you make an application for a visa it is best to learn as much about the process as possible. The more you know, the stronger you will be able to make your application. Take your time and do your homework. There are hundreds of web sites that can help you in the process. If you know someone in Australia who has recently immigrated get in contact with them, their advice may be some of the most valuable will get. Enlist the help of a reputable visa service provider to give you a hand.

Immigration in Australia offers more than just the chance to live and work here. The skilled migrant work visa allows you to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. Unlike the employer sponsored visa, you are required to find your own employment once you reach Australia or alternatively before you go. If you choose you can also study at an Australian University, and we have some of the best in the world here. You can attain social security and Medicare benefits, but these will be subject to certain waiting periods. One of the best benefits of the skilled migrant work visa is that you can sponsor other family members to come and live in Australia also.

As far as employment goes, you may choose to arrange this before or after you arriving on an Australian work visa. In Australia you can seek work using the regular avenues; local newspapers, websites and of course word of mouth. There are several agencies in Australia that specialise in helping new arrivals seek work. From overseas, you may be best to try seeking work over the internet. Another option is to seek out the help of a visa service provider.


Employer Sponsored Temporary Visas

How Do you Get An Employer Sponsored Visa?

Starting your new life in a foreign country may seem daunting. There are many pathways to attaining a visa, choosing the best option for you with the greatest likelihood of success can be difficult. A skilled migrant work visa is a great option for those with a high level of professional skills, as is a Business Visa. But what do you do if you do not meet the stringent conditions of both these visas? Even if you don’t, it’s still possible that your work experience qualifies you to work in Australia and bring valuable and much needed skills with you. With employment at its lowest in years, companies all over Australia are desperate for workers. The skilled migrant work visa addresses this need and may be the best pathway to a new beginning in Australia.

An employer sponsored visa can be offered on either a temporary or permanent basis. You will be offered a temporary visa first, which renders you eligible for a permanent visa later down the track. The process is similar to that of the skilled migrant work visa and Business Visa. To qualify for a permanent Employer Sponsored Visa you must be between 18 and 45 and have good English skills. You must also fit the criteria of being highly skilled in occupation specified by The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship; there are hundreds of these jobs that meet this criteria currently. Most, but not all, require tertiary education.

You will need an Australian employer to offer you a full time position for a minimum of three years. You must be highly skilled in an eligible occupation. The process works like this; an employer has a suitable position and selects a foreign national who has the age, skill and language requirements to satisfy the prerequisites. The employee then accepts the position and applies for the visa through The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

In the current economic conditions, with loss of local jobs in Australia, the skilled migration visa applications with the best chance of success are those that can be matched to the current skills shortages list published on the DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) web site.

We will endeavor to keep you updated re the skills shortages list via this Blog.


Of course, now you are wondering how on earth you can find a job that will enable you to attain and Employer Sponsored Visa. Well the best place to start is on the internet. Many companies advertise jobs online, in fact there are several websites online that specialise in Employer Sponsored Visa programs. There are also visa service agencies that will help in the process of applying for this visa, as well as the australian skilled migration work visa and business visa. Don’t be afraid to approach a larger company yourself, have a look through local job sites and see if there is anything suitable. Send them an email, give it a shot, you may be surprised at their response.

Australian Business Visas

Business Visas – Your Passport to Opportunity

Australia is often referred to as the ‘land of opportunity’. That is certainly true from the point of view of many Aussies – but if you’re not an Aussie, how do you get your passport stamped for entry?

Have you considered applying for a Business Visa or entering Australia under one of the many skilled migration categories? Would you fulfil the visa requirements for either of these migration streams?

Do you meet each visa requirement for a Business Visa, or have an occupation that fits within the skilled migration categories?

There are a number of sub-categories of business visa and which one you apply for will depend on your needs.  If you simply wish to attend a conference or training course in Australia, then a temporary Business Visa would be suitable. This allows you to travel here for a set purpose and a limited time.

If your desire is to live here permanently and bring your family with you, you can apply for a provisional Business Visa, which can in turn lead to a permanent Business Visa and permanent resident status.

Many people assume that to obtain a Business Visa you must intend to purchase or set up a new business here. This is necessary for some categories but not for all. If you are a business executive and intend to contribute your expertise to a business here – yours or someone else’s – you can apply for a Business Visa. If you’re an investor and you intend to invest your money in Australia, you can apply for a Business Visa.

It is a visa requirement for most visas in this category that you are able to demonstrate a ‘successful business career’ and an intention to either establish or manage a business in Australia. If you’re applying as an investor, then you must have evidence of your experience and success as an investor. There are other requirements for business visas too, relating to the status of your health, your assets, and your English language skills.

If you have an occupational skill or trade there are two streams of entry that may interest you – the General Skilled Migration Programme and the Employer Sponsored category.

The skilled migration categories are extensive, allowing a variety of workers to apply – from those with administration skills and academic expertise to those with a manual trade. If you have any of the many skills that are on the Skilled Occupation List at the Department of Immigration, you’re in with a chance!

To apply under the Employer Sponsored category, you need to find an employer in Australia who requires your skill and is prepared to sponsor you.  To assist you in this endeavour, the Department of Immigration has a skill matching database where you can list your qualifications and experience for potential employers to access.

It is a visa requirement for the skilled migration categories that you have evidence of your skills and qualifications. Like most other visa types, you may be required to provide evidence that you’re in good health and fulfil other general visa requirements.

The application process and paperwork involved in visa applications can seem daunting but take heart – when you finally arrive you’ll realise you have indeed reached the land of opportunity!

We look forward to assisting you to come to Australia on a permanent business visa. Go to our web site home page and follow the 7 steps to submit your online enquiry to us so that we can get to work on it for you. Now, more than ever, is a time where anyone seeking a permanent visa to Australia needs to pay for the right level of expertise and quality service. Present economic conditions have led governments around the world to tighten up their migration policies to protect domestic labour and businesses. We can assist you quickly to ascertain whether or not you will qualify for a visa under current law and policy.

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What’s Australia Like?

What’s It Like Immigrating to Australia?

Australia is considered to enjoy a high standard of living for several reasons; its financial opportunity, fantastic lifestyle and diverse culture to name a few. Australia considers itself the lucky country. There are miles of beautiful beaches, pristine national parks and sophisticated city centers. Low unemployment and continued economic growth mean that there is opportunity for prosperity for anyone who wants it. We have a low population and low birth rate for such a large country, Immigration in Australia is guaranteed to continue as long as these factors do not change.

If you are considering migrating to Australia, the lifestyle on offer must surely be one of the deciding factors for you. It’s pretty easy to live the good life here. Food is affordable and there is a large range of cuisine available, thanks to the high level of immigration in Australia, with plenty of fresh local produce. Most cities have a good public transport system, and for the most part owning and running a car is affordable. There is excellent shopping, from large department stores to local markets.

Migrating to Australia means you must be loyal to Australia. This doesn’t not mean you have to forsake your homeland or sign up for military service, it simply means you must accept and respect our democratic way of life and value system. We value freedom and respect and we believe in a fair go for everyone. Australians come from all over the world, 43% of Australians migrated here or have a parent who did. Immigration in Australia ensures a diverse and rich mix of cultures, with over 200 languages spoken and many religions practiced. Everyone is free to express themselves culturally and religiously in any way they see fit. If you are tolerant and open minded towards other people, in most cases they will do you the same courtesy. If you have questions about particular religious groups in Australia, Visa Service Providers may be able to put you in touch with such groups in Australia.

Most Australians live within fifty kilometers of a large city. In the inner cities people live in apartments and flats, those that live in the suburbs and have a larger sized home with a backyard and even a swimming pool. You may decide to rent a home before you buy one, many people make this decision. Rental accommodation has become harder to get over the last few years, if you are migrating to Australia and in contact with Visa Service Providers they may be able to suggest the best agencies in Australia.

The cost of living is not as great as it has been reported overseas. Food and accommodation are reasonably priced. The biggest cost is transport. Bargaining only happens in markets and tipping is accepted but not expected. Enjoying some of the best features of Australia, its wildlife, parks and beaches, is free. The cost of living is subject to change, it is best to consult Visa Service Providers to get the most up to date information.